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Havoc here.

to all who are still listening,

the Energron Bar and The Ark appear to be the only two room still existing, 

we should really get together again,

nighttrain, silvershot, gunner...skidmark?


please respond....

it's havoc here.

please contact me sometime.

it gets lonesome in space.

-end of transmission-
 So, I've been meaning to go back and fix up Metal's (and Gunner's) profile. I'm tired of studying, so I'll take a break and give this a shot ^__^.


MetalClaw, Fixed?

It's been a while since I've posted or rped, and I've missed you all ;__;. Durring my time away, I spent some time wondering how Metal would be if he ever got that piece of Ultratron removed from his processors...



Well...I started a story based on TF charas as humans, I took some OC's and plan to introduce mroe as time goes on. So, if you want your OC to possibly show up drop me a line in your Review of the story!  So here is a piece of Chapter 1.

Oh, and please don't flame or attack me for OOC CC's.

Here's on of my OCs. ^__^

Name: SnowCat

Alliance: Autobot

S Skills: 

Devices used:

Main Functions: Medical Officer under Rodimus Prime

Main Quote: “Just like Ratchet, I can fix anything given I have the right parts.”
Creator(s): Ratchet

Type: Female Cybertronian

Home world: Cybertron

Current Home World: Earth

Vehicle mode(s): A search and rescue snow mobile with inter change wheels (can change to snow tracks to normal wheels)

Weapons: Twin Energo Swords as her main weapons, but she also can use other fire weaponry

Personality: SnowCat is a very kind and gentle femme bot, though during times of battle she can be quite of a power house even thought it don’t look like cause of her body structure.  She can be quite strong; she can lift a bot as big as Starscream above her head.  She can be at times called a “tomboy” femme bot mostly case some of her features don’t look feminine.

Background: SnowCat came to Earth along with Rodimus Prime and the rest of her small team of Autobots that was still on Cybertron.  Her main work since coming to Earth, being the Medical Officer of the group, is the consent fixing of Prowl’s old injuries.  Even thought she didn’t want to admit it, she starting to grow fond of the quieter older bot.

A transformer found...and now Adopted

I thought this was neat ..My father found him in one of his parts cars so I decided to adopt the little decepticon..not sure who he is..In these pictures his face is jammed down in his body I finally got it up...and it's orange (2nd pic)..so I don't know what to think of it or who he is..I can't find this figure anywhere..so here you go kids ..a cute decepticon!

Wheeljack's Bio

Well. Hope this works. ^^

*** - Still working on it >< 

About The Energon Bar

The Energon Bar started out as a hang-out for TF fans, but eventually grew into a full-fledged RP. It is located on Chatzy, and 99% of the interaction takes place in the game's chatrooms.

The EB accepts both original and canon characters, from the 2007 movie or G1. Our setting is basically movieverse, though with certain G1 elements incorporated.

We do have some semblance of an overall big plot, but we're pretty relaxed about it; mostly, we go about small personal plots, in which, everybody can have a little spotlight. We often indulge into mature topics. The ability to be able to handle them is a must for every player.