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transformers_oc's Journal

Transformers Original Characters
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A community for posting sketches, logs, stories, etc about or involving Energon Bar characters
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This community - albeit the name of choice indicates something else - is mainly for the players of the chat-based RPG the Energon Bar. We display our character profiles here, and our stories, logs and artwork, which was inspired by the game.

However, the community is not closed off from the public - you can come in, take a look, drive inspiration from our work - until you don't steal our ideas. ^^ And, of course, you're always welcome to join our lines, and become part of the clientele of the Bar!

Now, what is the Energon Bar?

The Energon Bar started out as a hang-out for TF fans, but eventually grew into a full-fledged RP. It is located on Chatzy, and 99% of the interaction takes place in the game's chatrooms.

The EB accepts both original and canon characters, from the 2007 movie or G1. Our setting is basically movieverse, though with certain G1 elements incorporated.

We do have some semblance of an overall big plot, but we're pretty relaxed about it; mostly, we go about small personal plots, in which, everybody can have a little spotlight. We often indulge into mature topics. The ability to be able to handle them is a must for every player.

When you'd like to introduce the oc you're playing with, please use this sheet! If something is not clear, just take a look at the already done character profiles.